Whether you’re a pilot or a gamer, you’ll soar at Northstar Flight Lab.

Welcome to Northstar Flight Lab—Central Oregon's only hydraulic flight simulator that serves up a level of realism that is incredibly amazing and accurate. There's simply no other flight training devices that can compare. Whether your a pilot seeking advanced training with the convenience of a flight simulator and instructor all in one place, or you're a gamer seeking new thrills, Northstar Flight Lab is the place to reach new heights and explore new experiences. SEE THE FLIGHT SIMULATOR >

Aviation is more than transportation.
It's an adventure. It's an amazing way to see the country. It's a way of life. One significant part of what makes this life possible is recurrency and transition training. For many years, training has been a challenging orchestration to get the pilot, the plane the instructor and the weather all ready to go in the same place at the same time. Northstar Flight Lab is focused on making top tier training available in a way that fits your schedule and your plans. Come train with us where the plane is always perfect, the fuel is free and you can control the weather.

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Come to Northstar Flight Lab in Redmond, Oregon and fly the best full motion video game you have ever seen. Three axis motion gives you all the sensation of being in the sky while you explore the Grand Canyon, the New York skyline or the California coastline. Test your skills with take off and landing. Build your skills while you fly in new locations in the rain or the snow or the sunshine. Bring your friends to challenge each other and compete. Conveniently located at the Redmond airport, the Northstar facility welcomes groups up to 10 where you can hang out and take turns testing your skills and exploring the sky. 

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